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Frequently asked questions regarding TruWood's warranty

What warranty do my TruWood products come with?

We offer our standard 12-month manufacturer warranty which covers all internal defects for a whole year after receiving your product. This includes having the watch stop ticking or on any internal components that malfunction. Still can't find what yo

How do I access my Extend warranty?

If you purchased an additional Extend warranty add-on and would like to submit a claim, you can do so here. Once the claim is approved, you'll receive an email voucher with store credit in the amount of your product that you can use on the same produ

There is an issue with my product

We're sorry to hear your TruWood experience didn’t live up to your expectations. We’ll be happy to help you with any issues you may have experienced with your TruWood products. Please send us an email including a photo/video of the issue and your ori

I accidentally dropped my product and it cracked. Is this covered?

We use a sapphire coated mineral glass on most of our watches which has proven time and time again to be very durable! All of our other products are rigorously tested with durability in mind. Unfortunately, we don't offer accidental damage warranty c

I tried to adjust the watch band myself and accidentally cracked it. Can you help?

We recommend getting the band adjusted by a watch or jewelry shop if needed, just because of the nature of wooden products being more fragile than typical metal straps, and we wouldn't want you to damage the watch! It's fairly cheap and sometimes the