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I placed an order by accident and I need to make a change or cancel it.Updated 2 years ago

Accidentally ordered the wrong item or had last minute second thoughts? We get it, things change.

To change or cancel your order, please find your order confirmation email that was sent to you.

Reply to that email with the subject line "Order [insert order number] Cancel Request" or "Order [insert order number] Change Request".

In the email please include your order number and what you would like to do:

  1. To Cancel your order – Please just let us know that you would like to cancel your order. 

  2. To Edit your order – Please let us know what changes you would like us to make to your order, whether updating an address, adding or removing items, etc.

Note: Orders can be changed within the first 6 hours from when the order was placed during business operating hours and days.  If your order has already been shipped, we won't be able to cancel or edit your order. Due to the efficiency of our warehouse, submitting a request on weekends, outside of business hours or periods of high volume does not guarantee that we will be able to catch it on time before it goes out. Not to worry though, we can always help you with an exchange or return after the case.

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