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I bought a watch but the band is too large. How do I adjust it to fit my wrist?Updated 2 years ago

All our wooden/metal strap watches and straps come with removable links making them fully adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. 


We highly recommend taking the watch to a jewelry/watch store in your local mall who'll do it for you! It's fairly cheap and sometimes they even do it for free since it's such a quick job.


If you'd like to do it yourself, it’s fairly easy to do. When the watch is facing you upright in the normal position, the links on the bottom half of the strap are removed from left to right. The links on the top half of the strap are removed from right to left. The reason why you can’t push them out in any direction is because there are grooves on one side of the pins to ensure they stay in place and so if you push it out from the wrong side, we risk damaging the links.


You can push any small metal pin into the holes, to push out the metal bar that connects the links. Once the link is removed, reconnect the strap with one of the metal bars you removed. 

Again, we do suggest taking it to a professional just because of the nature of wooden products being more fragile than typical metal straps, and we wouldn't want to damage the watch!


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